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pokemon_adult's Journal

Pokémon for Adults!
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This group is for adults only. If your userinfo doesn't indicate that you are 18+, you will be kicked out. Although this group is "open" I will periodically check membership, so please don't bother joining if you are under 18.
Sorry - there are plenty of other Pokemon groups for you to join, though!

Why adults only? Some of us just want a place to hang with other grownup gamers, to trade ideas and items among other mature individuals.

Oh, and we like grammar - please use complete sentences when you post.
  • Want another community for wifi trades? Check out pokewifi!

  • Who doesn't need icons? Check out pokemon_icons!

  • If you're looking for other adult gamer communities, check out acww_adult, which is where we got the idea for this group :)

Rules: Don't be a jerk. Mods reserve the right to kick people out. Try to keep things on topic...at least related to gaming in general. Use your good judgment.